Instructions for photographers

(Please look whether there are already 20 pictures (max.) of the plant. Contact admin (Mail at if you have got a really important picture additionally. If you upload further pictures yourself, they are not to be seen.)

Open “+ Bild“.

You see “Bilder erstellen“ and “Lexikon Bilder“

Copy the name of the plant from this website (Naturformen or Kultivare) and insert it, or write it yourself correctly into first field. Don’t forget “Jovi“, if it is a heuffelii or globiferum, for example Abramina / Jovi.

If you copy, pay attention that you don’t copy blank space in front or after the name of the plant.

Body – don’t write anything

Foto Datum Write exact date or write nothing. You cannot write only the year or month and year. (But you can write 15 as date for the day if you have only month and year.)

Fotograf*in Choose your name

Kultivar/Naturform Again insert the copied name of the plant. It is important to choose the right proposed name and really CLICK it. (If this doesn’t work with a long-named species of „Naturformen“, write the name until it is shown below, then click)

Erhalten von (voluntaringly) Write your source, where you received the plant from, or where you took the picture, but use abbreviations for example: erh. von Sempsfreund / erh. v. A. Smits / erh. vom Züchter / aufgen. beim Züchter / aufgen. bei A. Smits  (erh. v. = received from, aufgen. beim Züchter = picture taken at the breeder)

Image click on Durchsuchen and upload your picture from your computer. It is better to use a format wider than high (for example 4:3), because the preview image only shows the middle. But you can take all formats if you want. Max. size is 2 MB, min. size 200 x 150px.

Alternativer Text – insert the name of the plant once more.

Hinweis Tick it  - it is only your confirmation that you have read the explanation about the 20 pictures you already read at the top and that you have read all these intructions here.

Status – don’t do anything

Speichern = save  (Don’t forget)

(Preview voluntaringly)

Finished. You should see your picture with all dates now. If you click the Link with the name of the plant, there it is at the bottom in the Bildergalerie. Comfortably you can also find your picture at the dark bottom of every page in “Neue Bilder“.

Good luck!