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Don Mylin

Rosettes with unique thickened waxy leaves. Very light colored centers when plants begin to grow in the spring. Plants continue to get darker as the season progresses. Medium. D. Mylin, 2021

Here is a little history on 'Moon Maiden', from Don Mylin: "I cannot tell you the seed parent for Moon Maiden, however I have used 'Korspel Sport' a few years back to generate a series of plants with thicker leaves which is what I was after. One of the earlier ones was 'Emerald City'. Now I have several larger plants with the thickness but green. Moon Maiden was the first one with decent color. When it starts to grow in the spring it looks like it is going to be yellowish ivory but as time passes it gets darker and darker. It made me think of the light and dark sides of the moon. From there it was a leap to an old Duke Ellington tune- 'Moon Maiden'" (Don Mylin)

Lynn: Most of Don's semps are named after jazz songs. The song Moon Maiden was written and recorded by the jazz great, Duke Ellington to mark the Apollo 11's historic flight.

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